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Verse I

I'm sorry, but I don't apologise.

For working to the bone,

For saving my life.

I used to be tired, I used to hold back,

I used to step aside let others fight.

I used to be quiet, I used to try hide.

Got lost in the day, so I stole the night.



But I'm not sorry,

for taking what I want.

I'm sorry, for waiting so long.


Verse II

I'm laughing, at the power you think that you have.

I'm hungry for more, cause I cant keep,

Sinking my teeth in submission no more.

So look to the west, I used to live in your shadow but now the sun's set.

I've waded through the water,

Getting stronger and stronger and stronger.


Child, you do not stand alone,

So please be brave now, 

It won't be like life before, that's why we stand here on the shore.

Yes, the water's colder now,

And the waves are loud but it won't be like life before that's why we wait.

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