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Dublin based artist Lucy Rice began Last Apollo in the depths of lockdown and in just over a year has gone from an aspiring artist to an emerging one. With two singles now released ahead of her debut album, national radio play and a sold out headline show at Whelan’s under her belt, as was concisely put by the University Times “it is clear that the only way for Last Apollo, is up”

“New Dublin artist Lucy Rice aka Last Apollo displays an ease at writing memorable indie pop hooks with nous on her second ever single ‘Reservoir’.” - Nialler9

“A true showstopper! Last Apollo is a name to remember!" - The Superior Sessions

Last Apollo’s listeners are directed mainly from Instagram where she excels in engagement with her followers. She openly conveys the struggles and experiences on which her music is based. 

“I value connecting with my listeners on a personal and candid level and so particularly on my Instagram page I am entirely open about my struggles, triumphs and any emotions/experiences that I feel may comfort, encourage and validate other people’s experiences. The majority of my listeners are people who do not know me personally yet are able to connect emotionally to Last Apollo. I receive texts weekly from strangers thanking me for being an outworldly kind, accepting and honest person whose music has helped them cope with their own difficulties and appreciate their own potential and triumphs. “