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Verse I

Houston, I've broken the atmosphere - broke the sound barrier.

I've made noise in space, did you hear?

I've spat in physics face - at least it knows who I am.

If it doesn't like me then I don't give a damn, 

Cause I know who I am,

I just take a look in the mirror and ask:



Since when was I a side show?

A girl with soft ego,

I'm not Bob Ross - I'm Michaelangelo so

Don't you forget my name, I'll work like a girl (work like a girl).


Verse II

Don't you forget my name, 

I've worked too hard just to be a player in this game.

I'm proud I'm not ashamed,

I've worked to play but aim to win this game.

It's all a game to me, 

Don't think I take your seriously,

You won't forget me easily,

Didn't fight my way through just to ask:


Oooh, I'm sorry if I don't,

Forget the times I was pushed aside from places I belong.

I love that I wrote this song and I still really enjoy the lyrics but I feel very removed from it artistically these days. That does not stop it being requested at every gig I play. 

But yes, I do love that I wrote this song. It is so fun and I love the energy and unapologetic nature of the song - it is so shamelessly confident and I think writing it really helped me figure out what kind of persona I wanted Last Apollo to have.

Its quite full of venom and it is was such an explosive way of distancing myself from the way I had been feeling as a songwriter and as a musician. I had gained a lot of confidence, enough to start my own project, and this was a way of celebrating that.

I really love the opening line and the phrase 'work like a girl'. My family still sing 'work like a girl' at me anytime I tell them a bit of exciting Last Apollo news.

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