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Verse I

I never could be what you wanted me to be,

I know that now but even now, even now I think about what I could do better. 

How I could have been better if I just stayed by your side.

Because I know even if I ran and ran away from all the truth,

I thought I could outsmart my own brain, 

Well that just makes me the fool.

But here's to trying for you.



Because I work damn hard enough,

I'm never gonna be enough.

I stood in the way of myself and now I'm

Picking up the pieces of my life,

One by one they fall. 


Verse II

Because I never thought I'd be enough,

I never thought I'd smile enough,

I'd never really love my life or love love.

Never love my love, I'd never love my loves,

I've never heard my beating heart.

Lover lover lover lover love my heart,

Is it enough my heart?

Don't let my thoughts get in the way.

Lover lover love my heart,

They never said it'd be this hard,

Will this be my life?

I thought if I stood quiet in the night time,

I could wait a life time, for you.


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