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Verse I

I can barely turn to look behind, 

Cover the mirrors of my mind,

On the inside I'm blind.

Why? To see the burned earth of the land,

And I'm ready to know, 

The future on the palm of my hand.



I am turning to look for a reason, 

I'm down on my knees, 

But you already knew.


Verse II

Hold. I never thought I'd be loved,

Whoever thought I'd be loved, 

My broken bones cannot be held.

So I'll run,

I'll run 'til my skin drips from my bones,

But even if I run, I can't escape, 

The mind that I'm running from.



Hold your breath and slow your heart down,

Breath peace in but breath your soul out, And dear Mr Turing come figure my mind out,

Cause I need a rest 'cause I'm so fuckin' tired.

My chest is tight is it meant to feel this way,

Does nobody else just not feel ok?

I'm breathing in but it's too loud. 

"This is one of the first songs I ever wrote" I say every time we play this song live. It has become a bit of an inside joke with me and the band. It is of course not really the first song I ever wrote, the first song I ever wrote was called 'Twiggy' and I wrote it with my dad when I was 8 years old. This song pales in comparison to 'Twiggy' entire catalogue does.

The song is vaguely about me being queer and anxious and not happy about any of that. (Don't cancel me, I'm happy about that stuff now, it was just not ideal being in an all girls secondary school when I initially figured it out). 

I first performed this song when I was 16 in a school concert. I then played it with my FIRST EVER BAND (Level Invention for life). I only finished the song when I started playing it with my second band (Inertia) as we needed the song finished in order to record it. 

I vividly remember writing the bridge with Mossy Ryans in the garden of our friends house while we ate like rats and bathed in the lockdown sun. We never released that version of the recording and even the version on my EP isn't really the same as how we play it live.

The song got its name as it was the only song I really contributed to Inertia so that was naturally its identifying characteristic. I decided to keep the name the same when I recorded it under Last Apollo as a little reminder to myself of sunny days and blue Slushees from Circle K.

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