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Verse I

I can barely turn to look behind, 

Cover the mirrors of my mind,

On the inside I'm blind.

Why? To see the burned earth of the land,

And I'm ready to know, 

The future on the palm of my hand.



I am turning to look for a reason, 

I'm down on my knees, 

But you already knew.


Verse II

Hold. I never thought I'd be loved,

Whoever thought I'd be loved, 

My broken bones cannot be held.

So I'll run,

I'll run 'til my skin drips from my bones,

But even if I run, I can't escape, 

The mind that I'm running from.



Hold your breath and slow your heart down,

Breath peace in but breath your soul out, And dear Mr Turing come figure my mind out,

Cause I need a rest 'cause I'm so fuckin' tired.

My chest is tight is it meant to feel this way,

Does nobody else just not feel ok?

I'm breathing in but it's too loud. 

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