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Verse I

I've got my moon boots strapped on tight,

I know I look dapper dressed in white,

If only you could see this,

But maybe you can feel it.

I tried to dance with moon boots on,

But even when all gravity's gone,

I'm pretty heavy footed,

But you would have loved it.


Verse II

And I've become the queen of an astral moon,

But the moon is only chasing after earth.

And I try pull you by your tides but you always break free,

And I try light up your night but its the day time you need. 


Verse III

Dad was crying and dad never cries,

We couldn't sleep, breath or eat no matter how hard we tried,

My skin was screaming with pain and your perfume,

I hate to think of our lives lived without you.

'How could you leave me' that I'd never say,

I knew you could never stay,

But is it too hard to wait another minute,

Day, week, month or year,

To stop me crying to save me from my tears.


And I've become the queen but I'm so alone.

And I've become the queen but I'm so alone.

But I became the queen all on my own.

But I became the queen all on my own.


I miss this song. We never play it live anymore but I would love to bring it back. I am deeply happy that this is the first single I decided to release under Last Apollo as I think it still really aligns with everything I hoped to achieve with Last Apollo in a way that some of the other songs off my EP no longer do.

Its not exactly easy listening but it is still very accessible I think. I wasn't worried about what was catchy or likely to do well in terms of streams when I released it. I was just excited to release something that was entirely my own and where every decision was informed purely on what I believed was the best creative choice to make.

It was an ambitious recording but I think Kylte and I did as good as we could in the early stages of our careers. It would be so interesting to hear what shape it would take if I were to rerecord it now.

The first line I wrote of the song was 'Dad was crying and dad never cries'. The whole song grew from that phrase. I love this song and it was exhilarating playing it at the headliner in May after leaving it fallow for so long. It always proves to be a bit of a headache trying to achieve the intended effects when playing it live but I really would love to bring it back into the rotation.

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