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Verse I

I'll set the scene there's a little girl getting ready,

Steady Eddie, wants the world to make her feel pretty so she,

She find a boy who's got a job like her daddy and she falls pretty fast.

I'll set the scene there's a boy getting ready steady, 

Smiles in the mirror cause he knows he pretty pretty but he,

He doesn't know that crossing paths can lead to crossed wires.



Walk free! Only sin against the seventeen,

Walk free! Let misery bring her to her knees,

Don't worry she waits by the river to send you sailing.


Verse II

For a while it's cotton candy smiles,

For a while they go pretty pretty steady eddie,

She takes him to museums and he takes her dancing.

She looks passed all the sideways glances,

She looks past all the looks that say:

"Don't you know what this boy 's done?
Don't you know what this boy comes from?"

Verse III

But time got old and they got older,

If she was the earth then the sun grew colder, 

He chewed on tobacco like he chewed on her name and their love dripped down the line.

So they went on a midnight drive to the moonlit lake from where their love dripped dry.

Cold water, liquid lies but dredge the lake her body's alive.

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